Led by Award Winning National Champion Sam King and specifically designed for men! Suitable for all levels!
Come and join these fun and challenging classes – spins, inverts, climbs, pole tricks delivered through various routines with a wow factor!
Pole dancing is an amazing art form which has evolved at a very fast pace in recent years generating interest from many people! And men as well…of course! Pole is fun, artistic, athletic, sexy and physically challenging!
It has incredible benefits! It develops your…
– core work and cardio;
– strength and flexibility;
– coordination, balance and kinaesthetic awareness;
– musicality and performing skills;
– a healthy metabolism;
– body confidence;
– endurance;
Classes are suitable for men of any age (over 18), height, weight, dance and fitness ability or background. They can work alongside and compliment any current fitness and exercise regime or be the only form of exercise you do.
Classes are:

Tuesdays @ Pole Fit, Stockwell, 8-930pm, Beginners.

Saturdays @ Pole Fit, Stockwell,130-3pm, Intermediates / 3-430pm, Beginners

Spaces are VERY limited so get in contact asap if you wish to sign up.
If you’re interested in joining our Pole classes please fill in the online application form:
Or email info@thegmdc.com