You can try any of our classes for £5-£10 as a taster session within the first 5 weeks of a term.
Use the ‘Join Now‘ link to book or get in contact if you have any questions.

Xmas Term – Monday 24th September – Sunday 16th December 2018

Dance, Heels, Hip-Hop Foundations, Drama, Choir, Kickboxing & Yoga classes: £120

Dance Fitness: £96

Pole Dancing: £150 

Musical Theatre: £165

GMDC Pro (Dance/Choir): £75

Yoga & Kickboxing PAYG: £12.50 per class (book in advance as spaces are limited)

(All prices include VAT)


Additional Classes
You will receive an overall 10% discount if you signup to multiple classes.

Payment Plans
We allow members to pay in instalments if needed, please contact us directly to arrange.

We also run a scholarship scheme for any members with low incomes, get in touch via email or phone for more information. The scholarships are funded anonymously by the existing members.